Defifa: American Football Playoffs 2023 edition

Current pot: 0 ETH from mints


TLDR Gameplay:

  1. Mint teams to load the pot.
  2. The pot will back the value of the winning team's NFTs.
  3. The spread of winning teams is determined by 50% of all teams agreeing on the outcome of the competition once it's over.

Phase 1: Opening ceremony (Mint start)

  • There are 14 teams representing the teams competing at the 2023 Defifa Bowl.
  • Mint team NFTs to increase the game’s treasury.
  • The NFTs are a claim on this treasury.
  • You can get a full refund anytime before the game starts.

Phase 2: Refund deadline (Mint ends)

  • NFTs are no longer being minted, but refunds are still permitted.
  • The refund deadline coincides with the start of the first kickoff.

Phase 3: Kickoff

  • The pot is locked and refunds permanently end before the first kickoff on January 14th 2023, 21:30 UTC.3
  • Holders of each team’s NFTs benefit from the outcome of each banny bowl game their team plays.1
  • The eventual value of these NFTs recalibrates depending on a self-refereed scorecard.2

Phase 4: Final whistle

  • The game is self refereed.
  • A final scorecard is uploaded on-chain that says how the game’s treasury should be shared.
  • 50% of NFT holders from all teams attest to the correct scorecard to ratify it. Each team has 1 vote, divided between all holders of that team's NFTs.
  • Burn your team’s NFT to reclaim ETH from the game at any time after a scorecard has been ratified. Or, keep and trade them forever – their value will remain backed by the pot.

1 Point system:

Total points: 84,014

Each winner in wildcard week: 3,669 (26.2% of total points)

Each divisional winner: 4,000 (19% of total points)

Each conference winner: 10,000 (23.8% of total points)

The final winner: 26,000 (31% of total points)

The scorecard that is ratified should represent the amount of accumulated points by each team divided by the total available 84,014 points.

2 The outcome is subject to the ratified scorecard during Phase 4.

3 After kickoff, 1 of every 10 NFTs minted for each team will be reserved for the Defifa Ballkids who developed this game.

Defifa relies on the integrity of a few transactions made by the game’s participants.

The Defifa Ballkidz community, maintainers of the Defifa game, have submitted a scorecard with the points distribution based on those in the Rules. Anyone else can submit other scorecards if they wish.

Each NFT holders uses their confirmation power to confirm any submitted scorecard.After 50% of confirmation power from all teams confirm a scorecard, it can be locked in and redemptions can be opened.
Each NFT team has equal confirmation power. Each individual NFT has a confirmation power equal to that of its team's divided by the total supply of NFTs of the team.


Defifa provides players with 2 options to submit a scorecard:

1. Defifa Ballkids scorecard - prefilled scorecard which is ratified by developers of this website and game.

2. Fill your own scorecard - create your own scorecard, you have the freedom to fill it out as you see fit.

Option 1: Defifa Ballkids scorecard

Option 2: Fill your own scorecard

Each game phase must also be queued by someone in the public in a timely manner.

Mint reserved tokens for all tiers.


Play: 0.07 ETH / NFT