Money Games With Friends

Prediction games for anything, onchain. May the best strategy win.

Social Gaming

Trash talk your friends and foes in the live chat.

Digital Collectables

Collect Cards and show off your skills.

Play to Earn

Receive governance tokens for creating and playing games.

Pick a game, any game.

Sports with a Twist

Forget about conventional rules and fair play. Bring chaos, hilarity, and questionable tactics to the arena. Get ready for a rollercoaster of unpredictable moments!

Fundraise Like a Boss

Forget bake sales and car washes. Our fundraisers are epic spectacles that blend philanthropy with outrageous entertainment. Get ready to raise funds like a rockstar!

Predictions aren't hard

Become the Nostradamus of the onchain world by accurately forecasting the future. Fortune favors the bold! Oh wait. That didn't work out so well for

Survivor Mode

Engage in fierce battles against other players and emerge as the ultimate champion. Can you handle the heat?

Attention all gamers! Banny has discovered a gaming site that will blow your socks off like that last blunt blow my mind. It's time to level up, dominate the leaderboards, and leave your mark in gaming history!
Juicebox Banny
Juicebox Banny

Put Fun back into Fundraising

Screw boring bake sales! Raise funds for your cause while partying like there's no tomorrow.

Increase Community Engagement

Other fundraisers be like: 'Please donate!' Your money games will have the community buzzing like a beehive on steroids.

Be The Entrepreneur

Forget the corporate ladder. Climb the ranks of Retailism with Defifa money games and stack those tokens!